Detoxifying, tightening and reducing
Our SPA and our massage centre is the most complete resource we can offer to our clients nowadays. Its area covers almost 450 square meters. Visitors can enjoy the best facial and body treatments, with excellent products. You will find here enclosed the complete list of our massages and treatments for a dream stay.

Our Massages

Relaxing aromatic Massage

Pure essentials oils, delicate smooth movements made to release the accumulated stress.

40 min.

€ 70

Californian massage

Sensorial experience, soft movement carees the entire body leaving a pleasant felling of wellbeing, happiness and calm.

50 min.

€ 80

Stone massage

Ancient technique with warm lavish stones that aim to recover the mental and physuc wellbeing. The massage is made with stones alleviate tensions, pains and release the body from the toxin.

60 min.

€ 100

Sports Massage

For a sports performance this massage trets all the muscle fibres, perfect to stimulate the blood and lymphatic circulation and the receptive of the muscles.

60 min.

€ 90

Lymphatic drainage

With several soft pressions this citrus, spices an aromatic herbs flavoured massage works on the lymphatic flow deleting the liquids in excess, will immediately a feeling of lightness, perfect as anti-cellulite treatment.

60 min.

€ 100

Candle massage

The gentle warmth of the solf drop of karitè, buttere and beeswax nourish, hydrate and invigorate the kin with a full relaxed massage recharging the body of positive energy.

60 min.

€ 100

Anti-sinusitis massage

Soft pression on neuralgic points of the head and the face that helps to unlock the congestion, leaving a comfortable sensation of lightness.

30 min.

€ 50

Special light legs

Active treatment with draining action that helps the circulation and a contrast the sensation of heavy legs. The specific manual skills give a sensation of relax for the best satisfaction.

30 min.

€ 60

Short Massagge

It is a treatment aiming at enhancing relaxation and well-being by focusing on a target body area (face, back, legs, neck, feet) or for short relaxing or anti-stress cuddle on the whole body.

20 min.

€ 40

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