Skiing & Snowboarding
Our ski facilities need no introduction since they are known all over the world. Here the winter season is characterised by real fun and high-level sport, with a lot of ventures for our skiers. Spending whole days outdoors, in contact with snow, enjoying the breath-taking landscape of the snow-clad ranges, is a strong desire rooted in the minds of mountains lovers throughout the year. Here you can find the excellence to fully live this timeless sport by skiing until you feel those pleasant senses of fatigue and fullness which only mountains can give you!
Snowshoe Tours
By walking through grasslands and woods covered with snow, in few minutes you will leave stress and confusion behind, in order to let youself be guided by the silence of the mountains: there only will be the charm of the Alpes and your footprints in the fresh snow. There is no better way to discover the beauties of winter than walking with or without snow rackets through our itineraries, carefully indicated, taking advantage of an expert guide. Every year you could live an exciting season, accessible to everyone, as no technical ability is required to approach nature step by step!
Fat Bike
Have you ever tried riding a fat bike in the snow? Here you could find tours at all levels, from a beginner level to an expert one, and you will find a new way to travel in the snow. The fat bike is a special bike, used for different soils, where the traditional bike can’t move. Its ‘fat’ wheels, together with its pedal assistance, will help you to reduce the effort, both on the valley floor and down the slopes!
Ski Mountaineering
Ski mountaineering is perhaps the most complete way to walk through and discover snow-clad mountaintops; you could properly feel the allure of this sport only by trying it, but you can understand it if you think about the word itself: it’s a mix between the two most exciting mounting activities ever. You don’t have to be pros to join ski mountaineering, as many people could think: all you need is a skilled guide and you will find out that this is not a simple sport, but a lifestyle.
Heliski could definitely be a memorable experience: flying over the white mountaintops, then jumping down the slopes with your board or skiing, lightly touching the fresh snow fields and getting inspiried by those infinite spaces. This activity could be both thrilling and romantic at the same time.
The Little Saint Bernard Pass is the perfect place to go wild in this extreme sport. The sense of freedom and the harmony with nature are unconditioned: far away from the ski slopes you will live the fabulous magic of flying, apart from being on a chair lift. You will let yourself be seduced by breath-taking moments made of pure white snow, a nice wind and an infinite horizon.
Night Skiing
Every nature lover must try night skiing at least once in life: skiing under the moonlight and the starry sky will let you experience the mountains in a totally new way: wilder and even more sentimental! You could also taste every last drop of the Alpes thanks to our hot mulled wine, with which you could warm yourself in company!