Le cucine del Re
The intensity of the pleasure aroused by a dish or a wine can change our perception and transform a simple meal into an unforgettable moment. By tasting a refined dish of enchantment, everything is transformed, we become the protagonists of a wonderful adventure, in which taste and smell guide us in a whirlwind of great emotions. It is the culmination of a wonderful day.
Eclectic, young and innovative, but at the same time aware and reasoned, this is the cuisine of Davide Gambitta, young chef of the restaurant Le cucine del Re.
Each of his dishes is born from the desire to live a unique experience, to give value to simple things, so that they can excite us in an unexpected way.

To enhance a beautiful day of skiing or to share an unforgettable moment with someone special Le Cucine del Re are at your disposal. We therefore recommend that you book your table to avoid unnecessary waiting and dedicate yourself only to pleasure.


Savoring a gourmet menu with a panoramic view at 2000 meters above sea level: an experience not to be missed!

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Immersed in a unique and suggestive scenery, with the possibility to book a romantic corner for two on our panoramic porch, Re delle Alpi’s Restaurant seduces their guest and lead them to the new frontiers of flavour.


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